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There were so many no brainer IPOs. MA was a tremendous success but people were debating if Visa was worth 30 times earnings when it IPOed.

Sometimes really all it takes is not financial sophistication but the angle you look at an investment. Just curious Govro12, what was your CAGR from 2010 to now?

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Aug 30, 2023Liked by @Govro12 WinterGems Stocks

I can say that buying google in 2004 was not a "no-brainer" as Govro12 modestly indicates. Having gone through the tech bust post-nineties and seeing many of our tech holdings take a beating for years and years, buying google was not easy. Govro12 told me then he was buying it then and I did not do the fairly easy analysis that was required because of the aversion I felt for the whole tech field.

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