The Wintergems blog is my personal blog. All contents of the WinterGems blog is totally free. This personal blog reflects only my personal views and analysis on my personal investment. Hopefully it can be useful for educational or entertainment purposes only for the community. This is not a business for me and I want to make sure that the blog remains totally independent from any external influences.

I am interested to invest at quality companies off the main street radar especially growing companies in boring industry. I am not shy to invest in well known company as well but I have fallen due to negative mainstream narrative. I am a long term holder. I will be using this blog has a tool to investigate those opportunities and tracking the performance on a continuous basis. Once a company is discovered and investigated you should expect this company to be tracked on a regular basis.

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The search and tracking of under-followed attractively priced compounders. Compounders are companies, that can deliver sustainable and long-term growth with superior RoIC.


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Father of 2, with a passion in Sci-Fi, jogging, walking in the forest and investing in small cap stocks. This blog is generated for entertainment and informative purposes, but not to be perceived as professional advice